Our impact

Dentalex understands the impact we have on the environment and have chosen to take action to consciously reduce our effect on the world around us. We have chosen to not only to reduce our environmental impact, but also to invest in regenerative projects.

What we do

Our team are passionate about the planet. Together we have achieved ISO 14001 demonstrating our commitment to protecting the environment. Dentalex are proud of this achievement and are committed to upholding it’s values.

As part of our ISO 14001 Certification we have ensured that all paper & wood products used throughout the company are FSC Certified. We have also changed to biodegradable packaging where possible.

With our engineers being able to offer national coverage, mileage has always been at the forefront of our thoughts. To minimise our impact through vehicle emissions we have invested in streamlining our logistics, reducing our time on the road. We have also invested in new ‘Euro 6’ low emission vans for our engineers. Within the fleet we also have a fully electric vehicle reducing our carbon emissions even further. To date we have achieved a 38.94% diesel fuel reduction.

Dentalex have looked to not only minimise our impact, but to give back to the environment. We are passionate about regeneration of natural habitats, especially those that can help fight climate change.

Who we support

Dentalex owns and supports it’s own Category 2 ancient woodland located in rural Monmouthshire. Our aim is to re-wild and maintain this ancient woodland creating a place for nature to thrive. We can also use this space to offset some of the carbon used within our business, knowing there’s a protected space to absorb our emissions.


Closer to Home

Not only do we support natural habitats, but we also ensure we’re ‘doing our bit’ in the workplace.

We’re proud that our work premises are committed to minimising carbon emissions. There has been a focus on converting old technology gas heating systems to modern air source heat pumps for heating and cooling. The building is currently operating on air source heat pumps in 75% of it’s office space. Throughout the building diode lighting has been installed.

There is also a strong commitment to Solar Energy, with self-consumption rate of  approximatly 50%. Currently 80% of the roof space is covered in a 200Kw array of solar PV. The intention is to increase storage of energy year on year.

The building currently hosts 13 electric car chargers on site, capable of delivering 22kw of charge. There are also plans to install solar carports capable of delivering DC charging.

There is also a natural focus on recycling within the building.