What We Can Offer

Equipment Servicing

Servicing should be carried out by authorised service centres only, with calibrated and certified instruments and includes

  • Carrying out works identified within the latest manufacturers service bulletin.
  • Replacement of all ‘service parts’.
  • Regulation and of the autoclave’s safety features.
  • Calibration of the autoclave instrumentation. 
  • Test cycles are carried out to ensure chamber integrity (air leak test to specified tolerance) and 134c steam penetration. 
  • If we notice any drop in performance, software updates required, or potential faults – we will advise you and suggest remedy. 
  • Service certificate is provided showing compliance with the manufacturers service flowchart.

If you would like to book the service of your equipment, please either use our Contact Us form, email info@dentalexmedical.co.uk or call us on 01600 719919.

Autoclave Validation & Calibration

Autoclave revalidation is a process to determine that the autoclave recorded values (indicated data) and indication values (display data), are within a ‘tolerance’ of independent UKAS calibrated validation equipment (measured data).  A report is provided to prove that the autoclave instrumentation is accurate, that there is sufficient chamber integrity, and that the performance of steam penetration is satisfactory. The revalidation of sterilizers is carried out in accordance to the manufacturers ‘Schedule of Periodic Testing’ and is in compliance with HTM 01-05.

Anaesthetic Calibration

Certified and calibrated anaesthetic gas analysers are used by Dentalex engineers at point of service to ensure gas flow rates are within tolerance. This data is incorporated into the service certification.

Pressure System Examinations

Dentalex can offer ‘Written Schemes of Examination’ and ‘Pressure System Examinations’ for your autoclave in accordance with PSSR2000 (Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000; Statutory Instrument 128).  A ‘Written Scheme of Examination’ is a document containing information about selected items equipment which form a pressure system, operate under pressure and contain a ‘relevant fluid’ – this includes steam ‘at any pressure’.   ‘Pressure System Examinations’ are carried out periodically in accordance with the WSoE to ensure the system is safe for continued use.

Technical support

Dentalex can offer free Telephone Technical Support on a range of equipment. Our office staff and engineers are trained and available should an issue arise, with many problems remedied over the phone. 

You can also call us out of hours and be directed to our on-call engineers if the matter is urgent.

For all queries please call 01600 719 919

National Coverage

We have strategically placed enginners, allowing us to offer rapid response nationally across the UK mainland. We also work closely with our dealership partners to offer attendance solutions in all scenarios. We are confident that should an issue arise, we can be onsite withing 10 working hours. 

Emergency Maintenance

We understand that any equipment issues can effect the smooth running of your surgery so aim to achieve a first time fix in practice within 10 working hours. This is backed up with over a 99% uptime on our range of autoclaves.  As the manufacturers appointed UK representative, Dentalex engineers are highly trained with many years of experience in the maintenance of Midmark/Newmed autoclaves.

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