Dentalex supply and support a range of key equipment in the veterinary sector, covering small and large animal health, farm and equestrian needs. We also offer rapid maintenance response minimising any downtime that may occur. Should any equipment issues arise our trained engineering staff will be able to repair and test your equipment in accordance with industry standards.

History & Connection to Sector

For over 20 years Dentalex has supported our clients in the veterinary sector, becoming a trusted and established market partner. We have achieved this with reliable, high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. We understand the needs of our clients and strive to meet and surpass these with our service. With strategically placed engineers we maintain a range of equipment all over the UK.


By working with our trusted partners at Shor-Line, we are now able to offer advice, support and service to a wider range of veterinary facilities equipment, including cabinetry, kennel and tables. Please contact us directly for more information.

Veterinary Instrument Processing

The VetAssure is a reliable, cost effective veterinary autoclave for your practice, processing unwrapped instruments for immediate use. With the combination of vacuum, pressure and temperature, the Midmark VetAssure offers steam penetration into every type of load. Dentalex are proud to offer these benchtop autoclaves in the UK, we are proud of our extensive product knowledge when it comes to instrument processing having been working on autoclaves for over 15+ years.

Veterinary Autoclaves

Our Midmark VetAssure autoclaves offer fast and reliable sterilisation in any situation. With Midmark’s QuikSteam™ patented technology, ensuring up to 20% accelerated cycles, our veterinary autoclave have been designed with vets in mind. Elegant and user-friendly, available in a range of sizes and sterilisation classifications, our veterinary autoclaves are the perfect partner for instrument processing in all animal health practices. The VetAssure is designed with the fast pace of a busy veterinary practice in mind, the fast cycles enable you to operate with efficiency and the extended chambers on 23-litre models enable you to process larger kits. The built-in safety features reduce risks and provide peace of mind that your autoclave is working safely & providing appropriate levels of sterilisation.

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QuickClean – Ultrasonic Cleaners

The QuickClean unit cleans thoroughly and consistently throughout the entire bath using frequency-leap technology. This advanced software helps ensure all of your instruments are fully cleaned the first time, every time, no matter where they are placed in the basket.

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Monitoring & Anaesthesia

When it comes to anesthesia and monitoring, ease of use, simplicity and safety are vital for you to provide the best patient care and for every pet owner’s peace of mind. Browse our industry leading solutions and let us help you provide a better experience for all.

Cardell Veterinary Monitoring

Featuring Cardell blood pressure (BP) technology, veterinary-specific algorithms and innovative staff-friendly capabilities, the Midmark & Cardell Monitors are useful in all areas of a veterinary hospital, including exam, treatment, surgery, and recovery spaces.

The Multiparameter is designed with a new pre-procedure checklist, carbon dioxide (CO2) soda lime absorbent reminder, and ECG and CO2 libraries, the Midmark Multiparameter Monitor can help ensure all staff in the hospital are taking the necessary steps for safer, more efficient procedures.

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Veterinary Anaesthesia

Our range of anaesthesia units offer a solution for veterinary hospitals, reliable and easy to maintain. 

The Melevet AM30 offers an easy to use solution with all gauges and controls on the front of the unit for monitoring.

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Complete Veterinary Dentistry

Adding dental services to your animal health practice promotes overall patient health. With the combination of dental cart, X-ray and the Monitoring and anaesthetic solutions offered by Midmark you can provide a high quality and safe experience for your patients.

Midmark 1000 – Veterinary Dental Cart

The #1 veterinary dental delivery system – reliable, easy-to-use, and backed by unmatched in-clinic service, support and training. It is sure to meet your requirements.



Digital Veterinary Dental X-Ray

Intuitive, innovative options and superior image quality combined with expert training and support. With accessories designed specifically for veterinary use such as the bite resistant DR plate, small enough to fit in a cats mouth comfortably.