Midmark VMS Plus Anaesthesia Unit

The VMS® Plus provides the functionality you need with two shelves for convenient placement of monitors and equipment. Its dual-vaporizer mounting capability allows you to easily switch from one vaporizer to another.

  • Includes Occlusion Valve with safety relief to prevent unsafe build-up in the anesthesia circuit/patient
  • Negative Pressure Relief Valve—opens to provide room air to patient if contents of breathing bag are depleted
  • Dual-view oxygen flowmeter–glass tube with a scale reading from 0.2 to 4 LPM—quickly switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger
  • Easy-to-view inhalation/exhalation valves
  • Oxygen flush
  • 1500 cc CO2 absorber with starter pack of Sodasorb® LF
  • Scavenging/adjustable pressure limiting (APL) valve
  • Breathing circuit pressure gauge
  • 15 mm and 22 mm diameter corrugated breathing circuits
  • One and two-liter breathing bags
  • Portable stand with 5-leg spider base and casters
  • Dual-vaporizer mount capability
  • Convenient monitor shelves
  • Limited 5-year warranty
  • Optional Oxygen low-flow flowmeter add-on capability