All steam sterilizers fall under PSSR 2000 (Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000; Statutory Instrument 128). As specified in Regulation 8.1 of PSSR2000 “The user of an installed system and owner of a mobile system shall not operate the system or allow it to be operated unless he has a ‘Written Scheme’ for the periodic examination, by a competent person”.

During sterilisation the autoclave chamber contains steam under pressure, it is important to make sure that your machine is in working order and the appropriate safety checks are in place. This is why a pressure system examination is required. We have trained engineers who can preform these examinations on your autoclave, (this also applies to larger air compressors over 250 Bar/L, which we can also examine) this can be done as requested or at point of service.

We recommend that the examination is carried out annually, if you do have any queries or concerns about pressure system examinations please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

You can also find out more about your legal requirements on the HSE website: