Welcome to the brand new Hera from Newmed

Based on the same reliable design and high quality components you have come to expect from Newmed comes the Hera. What’s new? New shaping, new responsive soft-touch keypad and matt finish covers making it easy to keep clean.

Designed to be a successor to the Newmed Kronos the Hera is a completely new experience thanks to the blue, backlit capacitive touchpad with acoustic signals to keep the staff informed. The matt finish covers and scratch-free aluminium details give your practice a new look. The Hera is a human health compliant autoclave, suitable for both dental and medical purposes.

4 KG of sterile material in just 20 minutes

Hera offers 10 pre-set cycles to meet all your needs. Choosing the cycle according to the type of instruments to be sterilized allows you to save time, money and protect your instruments.
The water loading pump allows distilled water to be pumped from a tank placed on the floor directly to the autoclave. All incoming water is tested to make sure it meets EN 13060 standard helping to prolong the life of your machine. The Vacuum safety locking technology allows you to safely close the door without unnecessary efforts. Opening it is even easier, just press ‘Door Release’

  • Reliable -Thanks to European components, the Newmed Hera autoclave lasts longer.
  • Safe – The self-control system alerts you when maintenance is required.
  • Intelligent – The sensors control the operating parameters and adapt the cycle time to internal and external conditions.
  • Adaptable – Up to 10 pre-set, clinically validated sterilization programs.
  • Functional – Simple use and easy maintenance.
  • Perfect for your needs – The chamber is made of thick AISI 304 steel without any welding to prevent leakage.
  • Accurate – The standard water quality sensor constantly monitors water quality. Good water quality guarantees perfect sterilization and longer life to your instruments.

If you want to see more about the Hera you can click here, or please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.