Cardell Insight Monitor & Midmark Multiparameter

Midmark helps veterinarians and veterinary care teams deliver exceptional animal health care through better equipment, smarter workflows, clinical education, and integrated technologies. We use our deep knowledge and unmatched understanding of the veterinary care space to deliver solutions for optimal patient care and create seamless, efficient workflows.  Dentalex work in partnership with Midmark to support and deliver these products in the UK.

Cardell Insight:

The Cardell Insight Monitor allows for blood pressure (BP) readings to be accurate and consistent; this diagnostic monitor also allows you to monitor SpO2 with Nellcor. With a 7-inch touch screen, automatic trend capture & intuitive interface it’s easy to use and can fit almost everywhere in practice. Using the same reliable Cardell technology with veterinary specific algorithms it allows for extremely reliable readings.

More information on this monitor can be found here.

Midmark Multiparameter:

The multiparameter monitor is the next generation from the Cardell Touch which has become so widely used, featuring Cardell blood pressure (BP) technology, veterinary-specific algorithms and innovative staff-friendly capabilities, the Midmark multiparameter monitor is useful in all areas of a veterinary hospital, including exam, treatment, surgery, and recovery spaces.

Designed with a new pre-procedure checklist, carbon dioxide (CO2) soda lime absorbent reminder, and ECG and CO2 libraries, the Midmark Multiparameter Monitor can help ensure all staff in the hospital are taking the necessary steps for safer, more efficient procedures.

More information on this monitor can be found here.

Ready out of the box:

Each monitor is equipped with the accessories necessary to allow for full monitoring capability, including BP cuffs, probes, sensors and connecting cables appropriate for the parameters chosen. The accessories have been carefully sourced to promote optimum performance with animal patients.