Midmark VetAssure B60


B-Class 60 Litre Sterilizer

Our VetAssure sterilizers are designed specifically for the Veterinary Sector and incorporate leading technologies designed for high performance. It is robust and reliable with a simple and easy-to-use interface. This B Class Vacuum Sterilizer has a 60 litre chamber capacity. ‘VetAssure’ autoclaves are the perfect partner for instrument processing in all animal health environments.

Door Locking
Motor operated door locking guarantees total safety, greater ease of handling and reliable self-regulation of the door.

Built-in Printer
A standard accessory that during the sterilization process, an automatic print-out records the entire procedure, thereby providing a permanent record of every sterilization cycle. The paper printout can then be kept and attached to your files for a complete and accurate record.

USB Port
Automatic digital cycle recoding on USB stick (optional).

Friendly Interface
A multilingual software with just four buttons for simpler navigation to all sterilization options. The LCD display shows current information about your sterilization cycles and alerts on errors or service needs.


Veterinary (Large Animals, Farm & Equine), Veterinary Orthopaedic, Long Instruments